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Welcome to my Borg Refractor page.(UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
I have used ETX90EC around two years,it' gave me a lot of fun for observe planet.because of long focal lenth telescope1250(F=13.5).observe the deep sky object was quite dim.I have heard that Refractor have a good image than other type of I decide to get a short focal length refractor for deep sky observe..Because of my living place have light pollution. I havn't a backyard and roof for set up a big telescope.every time I need to go to suburban place for sky observe.(I haven't got a car,only can take bus and walk to suburban place).
I need a light weight,easy carry(like ETX90)and easy storage telescope.I have research in the internet all about the review of the size,optical quality,aperture size,of couse the price too.Finally,I choose Borg 80 mm Family of Refractors(76ED).Borg 80 mm Family Refractors was a flexible refractor.I can disassemble into few parts for easy carry and storage.objective len part,lens tube,focuser,
Borg 76ED(f=500mm F=6.6)around 1.7kg(3.8 lbs).length around 380mm(15 inches).very compact and light weight.