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I got the SPK-DVF2 in Nov/99,and will use it for my vacation in Maldives,and found that when TRV900 plug with LanC from SPK-DVF2,it can only use for shooting video,can not record photos to my memory card,even I switch the TRV900 to memory mode,
But I like to use memory card for taking photos,first I think to used remote control(RMT-811) to take photo
in water without plug the LanC,(remote control must have water resistance protection),but it is quite trouble to handle.
Finally I got the method to modify the SPK-DVF2 and can record photos in memory card,and also can record video in tape without reopen the SPK-DVF2 cover.
I discover when SPK-DVF2 switch to play mode and record switch is short(I disassembly the circuit board and short the record switch S004),I can take photos to memory card (when I switch TRV900 at memory mode).I think shorting the play switch and record switch will cause wrong code to TRV900,so the priority is giving back to TRV900,because of TRV900 is setting at memory mode,so it can use memory card to record photos
I have two methods to modify:----
I give up the PLAY mode in SPK-DVF2 and change it as memory record for photos.add a diode(1N4148)
across the switch 003 and 004,shown as diagram.then I can record photos in memory card when DVF2 switch to PLAY mode(TRV900 need to switch to memory mode),and can record video when switch DVF2 to RECORD mode.(TRV900 still at memory mode is OK,so I don't need to reopen the DVF2 cover )

2)If I want to keep the PLAY mode function,add a switch 2P2T with lock (push bottom type)in the cicuit board between tele and wide plastic frame(I need to drill a hole in the middle of frame for hide the add on switch,but it will not warrent by sony if DVF2 have some problem to repair).so I can easy to switch it to on/off from outside of SPK-DVF2
after the modification,I just switch the TRV900 to memory mode before pack it into SPK-DVF2,and the rest is control by SPK-DVF2 and add on switch.

When add on switch is on(SPK-DVF2 play and record switch is short force by add on switch)I can take photos in memory card now.
When add on switch is off,all the function of SPK-DVF2 is go back to original.
I changed the SPK-DVF2 is for my TRV900,and I think it can only work with memory card function model,(TRV900,TRV10)

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