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I like to watch the sky at night when I was young(I think everyone like),with beautiful million of stars and planets,but at that time I havn't get a telescope(no money).
and now I get the first astro telescope with auto tracking.(since I have simple one but I don't know where is Saturn,Jupiter,Mars??? Can only know where is Moon and Sun.)
I got MEADE ETX90EC at March/2000.Excellent optical,size and shape,portable,easy control with Autostar,ETX90EC is excellent for beginner of astronomy.I am a beginner of astronomy.This is the first time in my life to see the Saturn and Jupiter with ETX90EC(when I see the Jupiter and Saturn with the ring,I'm happy that jump up and cry out,I see the Saturn,I see the
The ETX90EC with Autostar can help me to find the planet,star...this is a good beginning for me,this will give me more interesting for knowing celestial, I decide to learning more about astronomy,star map.........
But unfortunate Hong Kong is a an excellent pollution city,air pollution,light pollution.......I really hope Hong Kong Government can slove this problem.(I can see million of star when I was young in Hong Kong ,but now I can only see four or five brighter star..........maybe later I can only see fog ....what a hell place.)(Sorry for my poor english)

My equipment have Meade ETX90EC
26mm plossl--come with ETX90EC,provide very good of bright and sharp viewing.
40mm plossl--Meade series 3000(compare with series 4000 with no different),provide very bright object,long eye relief,it's quite diffcult for viewing ,I need to adjust my head up and down to match the eyepiece for maximum viewing.but it was good for digital camera and camcorder,it can provide digital camera fast shutter speed.
6.7mm Utra Wide Angle--High power eyepiece,provide 84 degree apparent field.I need turn my head around to see the maximum view,good image quality.
X2 Barlow lens--it can doubles the magnification and made me from 3 eyepieces to 6 eyepieces.
Erecting Prism--help me to made terrestrial observing to correctly oriented image
Electric Focusers--it can provide vibration focus adjust,especially for high power condition.It can control by Autostar.and also made me have a confidence to get sharp image.
Thousand Oaks Polymer Plus Sun filter-- Must need when viewing the Sun,it provide yellow-orange image of Sun.
Baader solar film--This solar film was not expensive but the result was very provide white color and sharp image of sun .
Canon 15X50IS binocular,this binocular have Image Stabilizer.good for terrestrial and sky observing without using tripod.steady as rock,image
quality was excellent,very sharp and bright.I used it often.
Televue binoview---this binoview made me very comfortable for observing (because of using two eyes).good for my ETX90 observing planetary.Sun,Moon,Jupiter,Saturn and Mars look more detail than used one eye and also have 3D feeling.This binoview was prepare for my future when I get bigger scope.
Borg 76ED Refractor----Second scope,main purpose was for Deepsky object observe and photograph.This scope Optic quality was crisp and clean,contrast is excellent,very less color.side by side compare to my ETX90 at same magnification.Borg 76ED more brighter than ETX90.and for deepsky observe.Borg was very easy to find the deepsky object than ETX90.This scope I like was compact and light weight.excellent optic quality.especially the lens cell assembly can be separate.I can store it in my small dehumidify Box.
SolarMax 40-----Coronado product.I place order immediate when I saw Jack Newton solar gallery at Coronado.But painfully wait for a long time to get.but it's worth.I can saw Prominences,sun spots,filaments,granulation and others clearly.used binoview to observe was much more detail and 3D feeling.made me addicting.I have took some photos used this filter with Borg 76ED and ETX90.
Self made adaptor for digital camera(Nikon CP950 and CP990).Self made camera Tripod mounting plate,DV camcorder mounting plate.shutter mounting for CP990.
Here are some photos of my equipment.

I used plastic box for accessory

ETX90EC mounting plate,used 5.5"
diameter and 1/2" thick aluminum plate

Adaptor for digital camera

Canon 15X50IS (Image Stabilizer)
Binocular,excellent image quality,sharp
to the edge.

Manfrotto tripod(055CL) for my ETX90.
very stable,even polar alignment.

Televue binoview for my ETX90.good for
viewing planetary.Sun,Moon,Jupiter,Saturn,
Mars.look like 3D.
Due to my ETX only 90mm,Deepsky object
was dim.

CP990 mount on ETX90EC.

TRV900 mount on ETX90EC

Using TRV900 on ETX90EC
It need a balance weight(piggyback)
mount on ETX90EC.
Another Method mounting TRV900
with ETX .I'm used 90° diagonal prism
and TRV900 placed on top of scope tube.It
can get a good balance for shooting sky.
Self made 50mm(200mm f/4)and
70mm(310mm f/4.4)refractor for deepsky
photos.Lens was disassembly from binocular.
connection used plastic tube
,90° diagonal prism
40mm eyepiece.adjust focus by push or pull
40mm eyepiece.
refractor mount on ETX90EC,polar tracking

50 mm

Borg 76ED with SolarMax 40/BF10
I wanted to observe the messier object,so I
arranged M1~M110 as photos and print
out for my reference.

Hong Kong was a beautiful city but also was
a huge light pollution city.(click photo can get
large).only Jupiter can be seen in this photo.

I took some photos with Nikon CP990,Casio QV3500EX,Sony TRV900E with ETX90EC/Borg 76ED.








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