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Below Mars photos were took by TRV900E DV camcorder.Photos were capture from video,used Astrostack and Photoshop edited.
click the images to get large.

40mm+X2 barlow

40mm+X2 barlow

40mm+X2 barlow at 27.May/01

40mm+X2 barlow at 5/June/2001

40mm+X2 barlow.Cloudy Mars

40mm+2x barlow at 11/June/01

40mm+X2 barlow at 14/June/01

TRV900+ETX90+40mm+X2 at
17/June/01 white balance(outdoor)

TRV900+ETX90+40mm+X2 at
17/June/01 20:30pm

26mm eyepiece at 17/June/01
white balance(outdoor)

40 mm eyepiece+X2 barlow

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