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Terrestrial Photos were taken by Nikon CP990 with ETX90EC,40mm plossl meade eyepiece.This photos have been resize from 2048X1536 to 1024X768 and compress to 50% by photoshop for easy download.It just for reference,original photos quality will much better.

3X zoom
with ETX90EC
40mm eyepiece

My adaptor is used a 37mm polarizer,take out the glass,insert a plastic tube(outside dia 37mm,inside dia 32mm).This adaptor can fit all eyepiece from Meade. My eyepiece 40mm plossl,26mm plossl,6.7mmUltra Wide Angle.all are working good with CP990

This adaptor can also mount Monocular,Binocular with CP990(left Tasco 8X21Monocular.Middle Tasco 15~60 zoom telescope,right Kenko 8~25X25 Binocular)

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